Important Note on the Fizz Infuser / CO2 Carbonator:

This listing is for the Fizz Infuser (or CO2 Carbonation) unit, which is a part of the DrinkMate Soda Maker. Since it is only a component of the overall system, the Fizz infuser will not carbonate beverages on it’s own. Customers can purchase the full DrinkMate Soda Maker or Starter Kit, both of which already include a Fizz Infuser.

Spare Fizz Infuser:

Colour: Black

The Fizz Infuser is one of the key components of the DrinkMate system – it is the ‘CO2 Carbonation’ unit within the DrinkMate. The patented Fizz Infuser has unique slow and fast release valve mechanisms that make it possible to carbonate practically any drink and keep the bottle closed even after the carbonation process has been completed.

This Fizz Infuser is a direct replacement for the one that is supplied when you purchase a DrinkMate Soda Maker. Customers purchase it separately if the existing Fizz Infuser is lost, damaged or if you’d like a spare one. A spare Fizz Infuser offers greater flexibility when it comes to swapping bottles or keeping beverages carbonated for longer periods.


Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 7 × 7 cm


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