Finally – the best home soda maker and a cylinder exchange service are now available in the UAE

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The DrinkMateโ„ข Soda Maker


The ONLY at-home beverage carbonator that allows you to carbonate ANY pulp-free drink in the fridge
Patented detachable Fizz Infuser
No electricity or batteries required – your own soda in seconds, any way you like it!


Cylinder Exchange Program


Never run out of gas, with our cylinder exchange service


Free Delivery


Free delivery on all orders over AED 100!


Now Available in all Organic Foods & Cafe Stores


Great news! Drinkmate Home Soda Makers, cylinders and refills are now exclusively available at Organic Foods & Cafe stores.


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Hello UAE! We are bubble-bro and we’re the UAE’s only Soda Maker supplier with an in-house cylinder exchange facility / program. We’re excited to introduce the DrinkMate – a Home Soda Maker that can carbonate practically any drink to your liking. Soda Makers have been common throughout the world, but they’re pretty rare in the UAE. Worse yet, getting cylinders refilled or replaced has been practically impossible until now, and that’s why set up our own cylinder exchange program. Not only do we stock what we think is the best Home Soda Maker our there, but we’re committed to making sure that you never run out of gas. Our journey started back when we wanted to cut back on soft drinks and switch to healthier alternatives. After spending a small fortune on organic sodas we decided to order a Soda Maker, and theย reviews led us to the Drinkmate Home Soda Maker.ย  Weย were so happy with how it transformed our lives that we had to share it with everyone! We genuinely hope you experience the same joy we did when we shifted to making our own sparkling water and organic sodas from home, and we’ll be working on adding flavours and tools to our stable to make this your one stop shop for all your home-made soda needs.